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The Knight Shop Trade offer one of the most comprehensive collections of reproduction period clothing for wholesale in the UK.  Our diverse range caters for Reenactors, Live Action Role Players (LARP), Stage Fighters (Theatre) and T.V. producers.  It is also perfect for Medieval Banquets and Weddings or for those looking to stand out at fancy dress parties!

We wholesale an incredible selection of replica costumes from throughout history for trade.  From the Classical Period we offer a range of Celtic, Greek and Roman costumes such as Greek Chitons, Roman Legionary tunics and sandals. From the later Dark Age period we have a great selection of Saxon and Viking tunics, belts and shoes.  Our range of Medieval Knight tabards, surcoats and cloaks is unsurpassed! We have a great selection of clothing from the Middle Ages including tunics, dresses, monk’s robes, belts, shirts, trousers, tights and boots for trade

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